Village at Sandhill

418 Town Center Place
Columbia, SC 29229

Village at Sandhill Town Center Phase I is an open-air lifestyle center constructed in 2005 on 28-acres and includes 288,021 square feet anchored by JCPenney & Books-A-Million, and including national brands Victoria’s Secret, Ann Taylor, Jos. A Banks, Lane Bryant, New York & Co., Bath & Body Works, Sunglass Hut and others, along with an all-star lineup of successful restaurants: Panera Bread, Blaze Pizza, Five Guys, Moe’s Southwest, Wild Wing Cafe, Blue Fin, and Marble Slab, plus a host of other seasoned tenants.

Leasing Contacts

Sol Reichenberg

Property Type


Total Square Feet



Books a Million
Lens Crafters
Mattress Firm
Game Stop
New York & Co.
Lane Bryant
Sunglass Hut
The Children’s Place
Massage Envy
Victoria’s Secret
Bath & Body Works
Panera Bread
Five Guys
Wild Wing Cafe

Space Available

5,580 sq ft
2,000 sq ft
1,500 sq ft
5,122 sq ft
335 sq ft
1,500 sq ft
2,000 sq ft
2,058 sq ft
1,500 sq ft
2,012 sq ft
2,252 sq ft
1,912 sq ft
1,400 sq ft
5,613 sq ft
1,405 sq ft
1,726 sq ft
1,816 sq ft
2,080 sq ft
4,650 sq ft


Wild Wing Yogen Fruz Available Available Rice Music House Claire's New York & Company Ann Taylor Loft Crazy 8 Lenscrafters Available Moe's Southwest Grill Indigo Blue Indigo Blue Five Guys Nestle Toll House Game Stop Peanut Man Blue Fin Blaze Pizza The Children's Place Available Available Portrait Innovations Things Remembered Marble Slab Yankee Candle Available Bath & Body Works Available Books-A-Million Available Massage Envy Palmetto Moon Reeds Jewelers Available Available Available Available Available T-Mobile Mattress Firm Panera Bread Village Artists Lane Bryant Sunglass Hut Christopher & Banks Available Available Victoria's Secret Motherhood Maternity JoS.A.Bank Clothiers Available Red Bowl Asian Bistro Available The Icing Journey's Lids Available Available

Wild Wing

Location: A100
Square Feet: 6,000

Yogen Fruz

Location: A101
Square Feet: 1,000


Location: A102
Square Feet: 2,000


Location: A104
Square Feet: 1,500

Rice Music House

Location: B107
Square Feet: 5,010


Location: B109
Square Feet: 1,334

New York & Company

Location: B111
Square Feet: 5,524

Ann Taylor Loft

Location: B115
Square Feet: 6,500

Crazy 8

Location: B120
Square Feet: 1,961


Location: B125
Square Feet: 3,424


Location: B130
Square Feet: 5,135

Moe's Southwest Grill

Location: B135
Square Feet: 2,400

Indigo Blue

Location: B140
Square Feet: 1,678

Indigo Blue

Location: B145
Square Feet: 2,640

Five Guys

Location: B147
Square Feet: 2,640

Nestle Toll House

Location: C100
Square Feet: 1,300

Game Stop

Location: C103
Square Feet: 1,500

Peanut Man

Location: C105
Square Feet: 1,500

Blue Fin

Location: C107
Square Feet: 5,000

Blaze Pizza

Location: D100
Square Feet: 2,884

The Children's Place

Location: D110
Square Feet: 4,500


Location: D112
Square Feet: 1,500


Location: D114
Square Feet: 2,000

Portrait Innovations

Location: D116
Square Feet: 1,845

Things Remembered

Location: D120
Square Feet: 1,460

Marble Slab

Location: D125
Square Feet: 1,350

Yankee Candle

Location: D130
Square Feet: 1,428


Location: D135
Square Feet: 2,058

Bath & Body Works

Location: D140
Square Feet: 2,892


Location: D145
Square Feet: 1,500


Location: E100
Square Feet: 18,000


Location: E102
Square Feet: 5,580

Massage Envy

Location: E104
Square Feet: 3,052

Palmetto Moon

Location: E105
Square Feet: 4,219

Reeds Jewelers

Location: E107
Square Feet: 4,219


Location: E108
Square Feet: 2,012


Location: E110
Square Feet: 2,252


Location: E111
Square Feet: 1,912


Location: E112
Square Feet: 1,400


Location: E115
Square Feet: 5,613


Location: F100
Square Feet: 1,752

Mattress Firm

Location: F103
Square Feet: 3,978

Panera Bread

Location: F105
Square Feet: 4,300

Village Artists

Location: F110
Square Feet: 4,513

Lane Bryant

Location: F115
Square Feet: 4,500

Sunglass Hut

Location: F116
Square Feet: 874

Christopher & Banks

Location: F120
Square Feet: 2,905


Location: F121
Square Feet: 1,405


Location: F122
Square Feet: 3,104

Victoria's Secret

Location: G100
Square Feet: 5,564

Motherhood Maternity

Location: G102
Square Feet: 2,098

JoS.A.Bank Clothiers

Location: G103
Square Feet: 4,180


Location: G104
Square Feet: 1,727

Red Bowl Asian Bistro

Location: G105
Square Feet: 4,273


Location: I100
Square Feet: 3,542

The Icing

Location: I102
Square Feet: 1,506


Location: I104
Square Feet: 2,280


Location: I106
Square Feet: 1,000


Location: I108
Square Feet: 2,080


Location: J100
Square Feet: 4,650

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