Colony Mill

Colony Mill
Prospect Place State of NH-DES GNC Goulet Strength and Training LIL Zoes Barton Associates Mondavi Dental Connell Communications State of NH-VOC Chesire Med. Sports Source Becky's Salon Gemin Screen Printing The Station Calif. Nails Blair Tech Keene Fusion Cheshire Med. Cheshire Goldsmith MJD Burlington Labs Curry Restaurant Children's Museum Hannah's Books Black Squirrel H&R Block Pinelori's Weight Watchers Prospect Place Antioch Adecco MC2 Elm City Tattoo

Prospect Place

Suite A-1
1730 sq ft

State of NH-DES

Suite T
3536 sq ft


Suite U-1
1302 sq ft

Goulet Strength and Training

Suite W
1159 sq ft

LIL Zoes

Suite V
1255 sq ft

Barton Associates

Suite U
13,034 sq ft

Mondavi Dental

Suite N-1
2158 sq ft

Connell Communications

Suite O
2958 sq ft

State of NH-VOC

Suite T
3536 sq ft

Chesire Med.

8993 sq ft

Sports Source

Suite M-3
1141 sq ft

Becky's Salon

Suite M2
1182 sq ft

Gemin Screen Printing

Suite N
1359 sq ft

The Station

Suite M
1655 sq ft

Calif. Nails

Suite M-1
1376 sq ft

Blair Tech

Suite L2
1513 sq ft

Keene Fusion

Suite K
1650 sq ft

Cheshire Med.

Suite L1
10,005 sq ft

Cheshire Goldsmith

Suite I-3
1071 sq ft


Suite L4
1009 sq ft

Burlington Labs

Suite L3
750 sq ft

Curry Restaurant

Suite H-1
1985 sq ft

Children's Museum

Suite C
6082 sq ft

Hannah's Books

Suite D2-A
1053 sq ft

Black Squirrel

Suite D2
1146 sq ft

H&R Block

Suite D-1
567 sq ft


Suite B
2745 sq ft

Weight Watchers

Suite A-2
900 sq ft

Prospect Place

Suite A-1
1730 sq ft


Suite UP4
6432 sq ft


Suite UP2
745 sq ft


Suite UP3
8081 sq ft

Elm City Tattoo

Suite G-1
1151 sq ft