Hands-On Approach

We credit Lexington Realty International’s continued success to our management philosophy of active participation in every project. We do routine analysis of every building’s structural, mechanical, and safety systems, enabling us to identify and correct problems during the early stages. The ongoing management of assets by our team members gives us a thorough knowledge of the property and demographics and which has allowed us to operate buildings and shopping malls at peak efficiency while maintaining high-quality maintenance services and safety controls.

Out of the Box Innovation

Our client base is diverse, ranging from small businesses to growing regional players and established national operators. We have access to a broad range of opportunities across demographic and geographic trade areas, so we can offer our clients various lucrative opportunities throughout the country. We have the patience and resources to recognize winning opportunities that conventional leasing teams often miss. Our unique approach to leasing and innovative strategies have enabled Lexington succeed in places where many larger companies have failed to do so.

Dedication to Our Clients

We recognize that the most important qualities we can offer clients is a firm dedication to completing the task at hand, responsiveness to ownership and a complete commitment to excellence. At Lexington Realty International, we help our clients successfully guide their properties and shopping centers through the various cycles in the real estate, credit market and retailing environments. Our expert, in-house team is there to support all critical decisions our clients make, because at Lexington, we are determined to help our customers succeed.

Pre-Purchase Consulting

For a potential buyer, due diligence can be an expensive and time consuming. Lexington Realty International can take care of the headache for you with our quick, economical overall evaluation of the property you are looking into. Clients have come to trust Lexington Realty International to act as a consultant and do their pre-due diligence for them, and to rely on our expert opinion of the deal. Our services include onsite visits, area study, competition reports, determining financial stability through relationships with tenants, determining health ratios, precursory income and expense review, and perspective and opinion on the deal.

Lexington Realty International

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